Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Elul Challenge Day 7 - A Laugh a Day...

As many of you probably already know, the month of Elul is particular stressful for those of us in the Jewish professional world. Not only are we wrapping up visits to summer camps, vacations, and the like as well as getting the kids ready for school, but it is also the time where we prepare for what is essentially the 'Superbowl Season' of the Jewish year.
Expectations abound, and though we truly work hard through the year, this part of the year tends to be one of the most intense.
So as I was watching the Today Show recently the question was posed: how do you go about coping with stress. Note the emphasis was not on reducing stress, but instead on coping with it. Recommendations included yoga, exercising outdoors, spending quality time with pets, and taking five minutes to meditate every couple of hours.
But one piece I realized that was missing from the show, and from my own life during this time, is taking time to laugh. When I get really stressed I forget to laugh not just at funny moments, but also at myself. Life is far too much fun to take too seriously.
So today, as an attempt at stress relief, I will endeavor to remind myself to laugh a little. What do you do to help yourself cope during this season?

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