Monday, August 16, 2010

The Elul Challenge Day 6 - The Company We Keep

I have found over time two ways to really get to know a person. The first way is by looking at the choices they make which leads to the actions they choose. In Judaism we very much are a 'show me' religion; meaning - don't tell me what you believe, show me. If we don’t like the choices we’ve made over the past year, it is up to ourselves to change course. Because very little demonstrates more about ourselves than our decisions and actions.
However the other way to get to know someone is by examining the company they keep. If you are looking for someone smart, successful, and compassionate; look to see if they are surrounded by same type of people. For the friends we choose are often times just as reflective of our own character as are our actions.
Good friends, I believe, don’t only accept us for who we are, but also push us to accomplish greater things. Thus if we want to improve over this next year, it is not a bad idea to surround ourselves with friends who challenge us, inspire us to make better choices and are looking for us to succeed in the coming year.

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