Friday, September 16, 2011

Blogging Elul - Day 17 of Disappointment and Forgiveness

As I am in the middle of preparing any number of materials for the High Holy Days, I took a few minutes to excitedly open up my latest copy of the Baltimore Jewish Times. In particular I was very much looking forward to reading the article about the 9/11 Commemoration I had the honor of participating in that I blogged about in my previous post.

Needless to say, much to my disappointment, within the coverage of this event attended by an estimated 750 individuals, my participation as the representative of the Baltimore Board of Rabbis and Rabbi of Har Sinai Congregation was not mentioned in the article. I was and am greatly hurt by this oversight.

This discovery ground my sermon writing to a halt as I began focusing all my energy towards the BJT. But why should it matter so much to me? Wasn't it enough of an honor to have participated in such a significant event with or without media mention?

Of course, but at the same time, I will admit I did look forward to getting the article framed and hanging it on my wall. And hopefully the BJT will run a correction, but its not the same.

At the same time, it was just an oversight. And this was a humbling reminder to me that oversights do happen, and the best lesson I can learn is to be very careful with how I choose to mention people. And in the meantime, I will work to forgive the oversight in my own heart, for the BJT is a great resource to the Baltimore Jewish Community.

In the meantime here are two articles on the event:

9/11 Ten Years Later: An Evening to Remember

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