Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Israel Day Two-Ish

The second day of our trip in Israel really blended into day one.  With all of the travel, and the gaining of seven hours, its really hard to sort of keep track of the first two days.  What I can say is that it did end, as all Jewish journeys should end and begin with, which of course, is with a meal.

We gathered together at Maganda Restaurant in Tel Aviv.  Maganda is a Yemenite family restaurant filled with pictures of Yemenite Jews and Jewish culture in Yemen, which sadly today no longer exists.  The last group of Yemenite Jews immigrated to Israel between June of 1949 and September of 1950 in what was then termed ‘Operation Magic Carpet.’ 

We sat down at several tables to enjoy what we thought was a light fare of falafel, hummus, babaganoush, tabouleh, egg plant salads, and something I simply called “yellow dip.”  Pita was provided in copious amounts to help take in all of the tasty delights.  Of course, what we didn’t realize was that the dinner was a marathon, not a sprint.  Several more courses followed including chicken and beef shish kebabs, and we wrapped up with desserts and Turkish coffee.

No one left hungry.  It was a wonderful day to end all of our cross Atlantic travels.  And we all headed off to bed.  Thankfully everyone got a full night’s rest, by which, the majority woke up every hour.  But at least we all had happy tummys.

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