Thursday, May 3, 2012

Israel Day 8 - Ein Gedi

Following Masada, we took a brief detour to Ein Gedi, a natural spring located about twelve miles away from Masada.  Ein Gedi is now a nature preserve, but back then was the primary source of water for the Romans.  They had to walk twenty-two miles to provide water for the thousands of troops.  Talk about a schlepp.

Needless to say, we were tired and worn out by the time we got to Ein Gedi, but there were still some neat sights to behold including some of Israel's natural wildlife.  We saw the Rock Hyrax, which is apparently a cousin of the manatee and the elephant.  We we also saw the Nubian Ibex, also a resident of the Judean hills.

The Rock Hyrax
The Barry Berman

More Rock Hyrax
The Mike and Melanie

The Nubian Ibex
We did a little hiking, and then it was off to the other highlight of the day, the Dead Sea.

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