Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Response to Boston

The goal of terrorism is to get us to change our way of life.  It is to make us afraid while maximizing the largest number of causalities and damage.  And the second we start turning on each other, it works.

Terrorism makes us feel vulnerable even at our happiest moments.  Whether this act was domestic or international the result is the same.  People have died and many many more are wounded with some still fighting for their lives.
We all want answers.  We all demand justice.  And one day, we pray, we will have answers, and we will have justice.  

And for a time we will feel closer to one another.  For a time we will not focus on the differences that divide us. And then those feelings will slip away and we will return to a sense of normalcy.

But what we should not ever forget are not only those who lost their lives, and those who are suffering, but also the depth of the human spirit.  The depth of so many to risk their lives to help those in need.  There are stories floating about of marathoners who after completing the race, all twenty-six miles of it, went and donated blood.

This is what terrorists truly seek to destroy, our faith in one another. But that faith is far too strong for any attack to defeat.  We may not always agree with one another.  But the greatest blessing we can find is in each other.  

A prayer for strength from Naomi Levy(with slight edits):
"When I am lost, help me, God, to find my way.
When I am hurt, shelter me with Your loving presence.
When my faith falters, show me that You are near.
When I cry out against You, accept my protest, God, as a prayer too.  As a call for You to rid this world of all pain and tragedy.
Until that day, give us the will to rebuild in spite of the suffering
To choose life even in the face of tragedy.  Amen"

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