Friday, August 9, 2013

Elul Day 3: Cleaning House

The other day I began cleaning up my office at work.  I was simply amazed at the piles and piles of stuff I let build up over the year and years.  It was mostly things that I meant to get to, but somehow I never seemed to get to.  And yet it also built up like a metaphysical impediment.  As the piles grew, so did my sense of anxiousness and dread.  I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed by all the stuff I thought I needed to get to.  I have the same feeling when it comes to DVRs by the way. 

I began, slowly at first, to go through the piles.  Then more and more rapidly.  Until finally, I felt a sense of liberation and freedom.  The piles are gone!  I can start over!  I can start fresh! 
Kind of like the Yamiim Noraiim, the High Holy Days.  Every year we get the chance to clean out all the piles building up in our personal, spiritual, and even physical lives.  They are kind of like a spring cleaning for the soul. 

A clean office for me, kind of like an unburdened soul, is so refreshing.  This year I promise not to let stuff build up, just I promised last year and the year before.   Oh well.  Thankfully it’s only a little pile … for the moment.

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