Sunday, March 22, 2015

#blogExodus 1 Nisan - Begin

"Courage is never to let your actions be influence by your fears" - Arthur Koestler

"In the beginning ..." (Genesis 1:1) We never really think about creation as the embodiment of the meaning of courage. In a way, it was a leap of faith by God that in creating this world, everything would work out for the best. Yet, as our tradition teaches, not everything did work out for the best. God quickly "regretted" how the earth became filled with violence, and God tried again by creating a covenant with Noah while wiping the slate clean through a great flood. God later created a covenant with Avram and with his descendants before giving the Torah to Moses. Each step meant a new approach, a new way to begin again.

Whether we are beginning a new journey, creating something new, or simply trying something old again, each step can be scary. We tend to be afraid of failure much more than we are excited by the possibility of success. Yet what the Torah is teaching us is that God tried over and over and over again to get things right. And now it is our turn to keep trying.

All we need is a little courage to begin ...

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